Buying? Jan finds the best house you can get for what you want to pay.

Selling? Jan’s marketing experience and MBA education bring you the most sophisticated market analysis and sales strategy for your property.

Jan says: “It’s not about selling houses. It’s about doing what’s right for people. I want them to be happy with me forever.”

Jan helped registered nurse Mike Coleman move to a home in North Bend. Here’s what he says about the experience:

“The rare quality that Jan brings to her craft is that what you see really is what you get. She is very honest, very straightforward.

“I should explain: I am not very trusting in nature. My paranoia is that all Realtors work for the commission or the deal. Crackling fireplaces will not sell me a home.

“Jan just doesn’t do all that fluff. She is very market-savvy. Every house I found on the Internet, she already knew all about. She is doing her homework every day, and she works for you. If the deal isn’t right for you, she will keep looking.

“I wouldn’t want to buy or sell real estate with anyone else.”

How Jan’s experience and expertise help sellers:

Because she understands economics and sales trends, she creates a strategic plan for selling and pricing your house, and for timing your listing.
Her detailed market analysis helps you get the highest price in the shortest time.
How Jan’s knowledge and hard work help buyers:

She guides newcomers through the nuances of local climate and geology: sun exposure, wind protection, drainage, slide areas and microclimates.